Bharat Katha

"Bharat Katha" is a collection of real stories of real people from India.

Bhārat is the official Sanskrit name of India, Bhārat Ganarājya, and the name is derived from the ancient Indian texts, the Puranas.

Katha (story) is a folk narrative style of story telling.

Bharat Katha is a journey to the heart of India, crossing language, cultural and regional boundaries. These stories are from all different kinds of people about their lives, their views and their beliefs -- beliefs which have been held together through generations.

How do I find them? - I'd like to think I found them but in truth... most of the time they are waiting to be found to share their story - The India Story.

Who am I ? - I am a man with a camcorder.

The story of Indian education & Macaulayism

Meet Rajendra Awasthi a native of Rajasthan who has a keen interest in History and feels proud in presenting the correct History to anyone who visits his city, the city of Jaisalmer.

Rajendra also want to start a debate on the education system in India which he believes needs a radical change as the quality of pupils in schools is in steep decline and that’s due to the policies of Indian government which he believes promotes mediocrity and is the “continuation of Macaulayism* in a true sense”.

So, sit back and enjoy the story with English, French, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles.
Also, coming shortly on Amazon Prime Video in UK, USA and Germany.